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Entrepreneurship simply equates it with starting own business. Entrepreneurs are an innovator who markets their own innovation. “Entrepreneur is an individual that develops a new or improved product, service or way of doing things that can exist independent of the creator, and bears the financial responsibility for risks in bringing their development to market” (NACCE,2010).

Nepal as an economically backward country where 23.1 million (47 percent) out of total population is stumble under the problem of unemployment or underemployment (Nepal Planning Commission and Employment Promotion Commission). It’s estimated that Nepal’s population of 28 million continues to experience high levels of poverty, especially rural poverty, and high levels of unemployment and underemployment (Bajrachary, 2011). Thus, Nepal as a developing country exercise of entrepreneurship among economically inactive can play the significant role in the development of nation and individuals itself. It’s aid to social economic aspects of citizen alike per capital income, life expectancy, literacy rate and others. It also helps to achieve sound psychological heath as well as family well-being. 

The main objective of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is to enable the environment for the economically inactive youths to work inside the country. Thus, they can mainstream in national development.


List of programs under the theme of Entrepreneurship:

1. Entrepreneur Startup Award

2. Community Development Through Entrepreneurship